"Due to my proximity to Fish Tales, I'm among the fortunate few New Yorkers who have access to perfectly fresh fish seven days a week. The staff at Fish Tales is clearly dedicated (they go to the fish market every day at some unholy hour) and are always eager and enthusiastic. They've never hesitated to help me with my (sometimes bizarre) seafood needs."


- Jim Peterson, author of Fish and Shellfish and Simply Salmon










"Oh how to express everything I love about Fish Tales …It’s honestly difficult because really, how does one count the ways; super fresh product? Super friendly and helpful guys? I moved to Boerum Hill in 1996 from Atlanta not knowing a soul, and you guys made me feel at home from the get go and always indulged my special requests. Thru the years, I’ve come to know John, Alex, Chris, Austin (and all the guys in the back!) as guys that feel like family. They are all knowledgeable about the seafood they’re presenting and always give a tip for cooking when asked (do yourself a favor and ask…you might learn something new), or give a suggestion to try something new. And I think more than anything, I feel like we’re friends. That’s totally special these days."


- Jen Sienkwicz / April 2016










When people use the phrase “Mom and Pop” stores it is Fish Tales they are referring too.
I have been living in the neighborhood for 17 years and there is nowhere else I would buy my Seafood. As soon as you walk thru the door of the Cobble Hill store, you immediately know and feel that the Owner John and his awesome staff know what they are doing.
The freshness and quality of the fish goes without saying, but it’s the relationship that John and his staff have with their customers that makes Fish Tales stand out.
Whether you are a foodie or someone that just enjoys cooking you can get great advice on how to prepare and cook delicious seafood.


-John Ellar / April 2016










I have been a dedicated customer since our family moved to Brooklyn 20 years ago. One of my concerns when moving from Manhattan was where we will find a top quality fish market locally. Our family eats fish at least 4 times a week so this was very important. Fish Tales has proven time and time again to offer top quality, extremely fresh fish and seafood with personal service. It is family run, with a friendly staff that always has a smile. It is a pleasure to give them our business, and support the continued growth of their business. If you are shopping for the holidays or just a regular dinner, Fish Tales can be counted on for a delicious meal! We also enjoy their prepared food for holidays and quick meals! We are so grateful they are part of our community.


-Cindy Kadet / April 2016










"I have lived in South Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill) for over 60 years and well remember the time when there were nearly a dozen fish stores. Freshness and quality was always available, you just had to visit a number of stores to find it. Sadly, the dozen stores are gone but happily now you can make only one stop to find freshness and quality at reasonable prices at Fish Tales where I have shopped since it opened. What is also a pleasure to shop there is that unlike the old stores, most of which were owned by Italian immigrants (like myself) who, unless you were known, looked at your 'inspection' of their offerings as if you were a spy, the staff at Fish Tales makes everyone feel part of the family. I particularly love their seasonal surprises like sea urchins, bay scallops, small red shrimp, razor clams which are displayed for everyone to see and buy unlike the old stores which held them secreted away for 'special' customers and 'sold' in silence but with a wink... ;). "


-Mike Pesce / April 2016










"We have been buying fresh fish and seafood from Fish Tales several times a week since about 1996. Everything they sell--from sweet New Zealand clams to jumbo shrimp to Chilean sea bass to catfish--is unfailingly fresh and delicious. The staff is friendly, gracious, and very helpful even to the point of giving excellent cooking suggestions if asked. (Who would know better than they?)


-Steve and Sandra Gertz











Store hours: Mon-Fri 9-7:45   Sat 9-6   Sun 10-5   Phone: 718-246-1346



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